About Terry Fleckney
Terry Fleckney is a digital photo artist who is most drawn to the realm of fantasy and surrealism and her images are known for their hidden symbolism and the stories they tell. Her style has often been called fun, quirky, inspiring, whimsical and provoking. She currently lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Her artistic process began as a child when she mostly lived a life of fantasy and imagination. She has been involved in creative activities her whole life and developed a strong interest in photography about 10 years ago. However, in the last few years she has come to realize that while a photograph may freeze a moment in time, through the magic of photo artistry she could take that frozen moment and turn it into a moment of pure magic.
She is largely self taught with no formal training. The past few years she has been training online under the tutorship of Sebastian Michaels and his Awake course.
She finds her inspiration from a variety of sources – often a line of poetry or a line in a song, sometimes a combination of colors or sometimes her dreams and her life.
Says Terry, β€œIn many ways my gallery of work can be read as an autobiography of my life. Through the imagery hidden within it, you will find insight into my fears, my passions, my triumphs, and my dreams. These can mean different things to different people; my life and feelings are not unique but through my art I hope to strike a common chord with like minded people.”
Her work has been sold locally in her home town of Lethbridge in Southern Alberta and has been printed in professional magazines such as Living the Photo Artistic Life .
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